Oil Services Rally Getting Tired, JPMorgan Warns

Oil investors have cheered the more than 50 percent surge in WTI crude prices off of multi-year lows earlier this year, but a new report by J.P. Morgan analyst Sean Meakim urges oil services investors to remain cautious in the near-term. According to Meakim, much of the recent surge has been short covering, and crude…


Tesla Optimism Makes No Sense, Writer Says

Tesla Motors Inc TSLA‘s stock is on a tear in the past month, rising more than 42.9 percent. However, according to Business Insider transportation expert Matthew DeBord, Tesla investors are making a big mistake when it comes to the outlook for the coming Model 3.

15 Bullish Technical Charts MKM Analysts Are Watching

In a new report, MKM Partners analyst Jonathan Krinsky explains why MKM believes that the S&P 500 is likely headed for another large pullback in coming weeks. According to Krinsky, the 13 percent, 26-day rally off of February lows is nearly identical in magnitude and duration of the rally in the Fall of last year.