Analyst Exposes Fatal Flaw in Bitcoin

Bitcoin had another tough day of trading on Friday, declining 6.7 percent to less than $4,000. Bitcoin investors are hoping the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency is approaching a market bottom after a horrendous 2018, but UBS analyst Paul Donovan says this year’s sell-off may only be the beginning.


McDonald’s Stock Looks Good For 2019

McDonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD) and its investors have had a great 2018, but Morgan Stanley analyst John Glass says 2019 will be even better. Glass has upgraded MCD stock from “equal weight” to “overweight” and says the company’s efforts to update and modernize its restaurants will soon pay off in a big way.


9 FAQs About the Next U.S. Recession

The year-end volatility in U.S. stocks has erased all of 2018’s stock market gains, causing investors to worry about what to expect in 2019. Rising interest rates coupled with an international trade war and uncertainty in Washington has some investors concerned that the 10-year-old bull market may finally be coming to an end. Bank of America economist…


7 Value Stocks With Downside Protection

Growth stocks outshone value stocks in the past decade. But no matter how high growth stock share prices go, there’s one thing that value stocks tend to have that growth stocks don’t – downside protection. Throughout history, the price-earnings ratio of the S&P 500 index has never fallen below 5, suggesting there’s theoretically a floor in how…

9 Stocks That Dominate Your 401(k)

For many Americans, 401(k) investment plans may as well be written in another language. Aside from the general idea of equity funds, mutual funds, bond funds and relative strategies and risks, many 401(k) account holders may have no idea which stocks are in their plan and how much they own. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, known as…

Tesla Was Weeks Away From Death in 2018

IN A NEW INTERVIEW that aired Sunday on HBO, controversial Tesla Inc (Nasdaq: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk says the company narrowly dodged a potentially fatal financial bullet earlier this year when ramping up its Model 3 production. Musk says Tesla was only weeks away from death at one point, and analysts say the company is still not out of…

7 Industrial Stocks Better Than GE

General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) is no longer the company it was when most investors bought the stock. Share price is down 73 percent in the past three years, recently dipping below $8. GE has suffered repeated credit and analyst downgrades, earnings misses and guidance cuts. The last remaining silver lining, the stock’s dividend, was just cut…

High-Growth Stocks That Can’t Be Stopped

Value stocks have taken a back seat to growth stocks in recent years, with investors willing to forgive high earnings multiples if companies are consistently reporting double-digit revenue and earnings growth. Growth stock investors believe these stocks will eventually grow into and exceed their current market valuations as long as the companies can keep their long-term expansion…

Target Stock Tumbles on Earnings Miss

Target Corporation (TGT) stock dropped more than 9 percent on Tuesday after the company reported higher-than-expected costs and margins and missed Wall Street earnings expectations. Analysts say there are still plenty of things to like about TGT stock despite the mixed quarter.