How to Choose the Best ETFs to Buy

Most long-term investors understand that diversification is one of the smartest ways to limit risk in a portfolio. In recent decades, exchange-traded funds have become a popular choice for investors seeking low-cost diversification, but there are so many different ETFs that it’s difficult to know which are best.


10 Investing Themes to Remember for 2018

There’s no question 2017 has been an exceptional year for U.S. stocks, but investors are already turning their attention to what 2018 will bring. Argus Research Group CEO John Eade recently compiled 10 stock market themes investors should be watching in 2018, including individual stock recommendations for each theme. The remarkable bull market is approaching…


6 Reasons to Love Apple Stock in 2018

It’s been another great year for Apple, Inc. (AAPL) investors in 2017. But with Apple up nearly 50 percent on the year and within a stone’s throw of a $1 trillion market cap, investors need a compelling reason to continue to hold the stock heading into 2018. Fortunately, Citi analyst Jim Suva[WD] says there are…


How Much Gold Should You Own?

The U.S. economy is firing on all cylinders heading into 2018, but investors are still less than a decade removed from one of the most horrific market crashes in history. Buying gold is a popular way for investors to attempt to protect their portfolio from large stock market declines, but many investors don’t understand what it…