The Top 10 Investment Portfolio for Millennials

Brand new data from TD Ameritrade has revealed the most popular stocks among the youngest generation of American retail investors. The firm sorted through the holdings of all of its millennial-aged clients born since 1981 to identify the companies that young investors see as the best long-term investments. Surprisingly, millennials’ taste in stocks hasn’t changed…


How Short Selling Works

The stock market has been on quite a tear in the past eight years, and a large number of traders are betting that what goes up must come down. Inexperienced traders often stick to the objective of buying low and selling high, but short sellers recognize that selling high and buying low can be just…


The Fastest Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market

Even the best long-term investors will pick a dud stock every now and again or have to endure short-term market downturns that can result in temporary losses. Fortunately, disciplined, patient investors can overcome these mistakes and still make excellent investment returns in the long-run. Learning from mistakes is part of becoming skilled in any part…


The VIX Explained

Most traders are aware of the VIX and have at least some vague idea what it represents — market volatility. However, in order to trade VIX-based market volatility, traders must first understand how exactly the VIX tracks market volatility and what types of trading strategies can capture that movement.


Never Invest In Something You Don’t Understand

Billionaire Wall Street icon and Berkshire Hathaway (ticker: BRK.A, BRK.B) CEO Warren Buffett has admitted he missed a huge opportunity by not investing in, Inc. (AMZN) and Alphabet Inc (GOOG, GOOGL) subsidiary Google. In fact, during the technology explosion that has created countless millionaires and billionaires over the past 20 years, Buffett’s technology investments…