My Talk With Brent Schutte About China

Major U.S. markets bounced back on Wednesday, as the S&P 500 erased nearly 73 points of its recent pullback. However, since China is at the center of all of this market volatility, the fact that China’s Shanghai Index fell for the fifth consecutive day and is down 22 percent during that span has global investors…


Latin America Is On The Cusp Of Biggest Shock Since 1980

In a new report, Bank of America analyst Marcos Buscaglia discussed what he believes could be the biggest monetary shock facing Latin America since 1980. However, despite the situation that these countries are currently facing, Buscaglia believes that most are better-positioned to weather the coming storm than they were in the 1980s.


Downtown Vegas Continues To Outperform The Strip In July

With revenue in the world’s largest gaming destination, Macau, China, continuing to slump, casino investors have been looking to the state of Nevada for some much-needed good news this year. The state’s Gaming Control Board recently released its report on gaming revenue for the month of July. Here’s a summary of the report.

Will Oil Ever Recover?

In a new report, Macquarie Research analyst Vikas Dwivedi discussed the firm’s outlook for crude oil. Overall, Macquarie sees value in the oil market, but investors will need to be extremely patient while the industry rights the ship.

Apple’s Latest China Problem: Market Share

As if Apple Inc. AAPL 0.47% didn’t already have enough to worry about in China, Morgan Stanley analyst Bill Lu believes that smartphone manufacturers are aggressively taking advantage of the remaining window before the launch of the next iPhone to attempt to gain market share from Apple in China.