3 Ways To Build An Election-Proof Portfolio

Following Monday’s presidential debate, many traders are now more uncertain than ever which candidate will be the next president and what that will mean for the economy and the stock market. With the November elections just weeks away, now may be the perfect time to try to “election-proof” your portfolio.

The U.S. Economy Is On ‘Uneasy Street’

U.S. GDP growth in Q3 is on pace to come in at around +3.0 percent, suggesting that the economy is extremely strong headed into the end of the year. Unfortunately, Morgan Stanley analyst Ellen Zentner believes that 3.0 percent Q3 growth doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the economy’s most recent turn.

Genuine Leather Products Trending On Social Media

With October fast approaching, market analysts are turning their attention to the holiday shopping season to look for early indications of which trends will be the most popular among consumers this year. The latest data from TickerTags indicates that leather could be a big trend in the fashion world this holiday season.