The Fastest Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market

Even the best long-term investors will pick a dud stock every now and again or have to endure short-term market downturns that can result in temporary losses. Fortunately, disciplined, patient investors can overcome these mistakes and still make excellent investment returns in the long-run. Learning from mistakes is part of becoming skilled in any part…


Virtual Reality Will Change Hollywood Forever

Hollywood filmmakers’ ultimate goal has always been to make the audience forget it is watching a projection on a flat screen and instead feel like it is experiencing a story firsthand. For the film industry and investors alike, virtual reality may be the golden ticket to the next era of the movie industry.

Investors Cheer Ford’s Innovative New CEO

Ford Motor Co. (ticker: F) shares traded higher by more than 1.3 percent on Monday morning after the company announced it would replace CEO Mark Fields with the head of its autonomous vehicles department, Jim Hackett. Ford and its investors are hoping Hackett can turn around Ford’s slumping profits and pave the way to a…

Apple Tightens Its Grip on the Smartphone Market

Customer loyalty among iPhone users may be peaking at the perfect time for Apple Inc. (ticker: AAPL) investors. A new survey by Morgan Stanley suggests Apple may take a huge bite out of its competitors’ market shares when it releases the highly-anticipated 10-year anniversary iPhone model later this year.

Foot Locker Earnings Disappoint, But There’s Hope

Foot Locker, Inc. (ticker: FL) is the latest retail stock to fall victim to a challenging market. On Friday morning, the footwear retailer’s earnings and sales fell short of market expectations, sending the stock tumbling more than 16 percent. But Foot Locker may have more reason for optimism than most retailers.

Cisco Earnings are a Disappointment

Shares of Cisco Systems, Inc. (ticker: CSCO) stock are opening nearly 8 percent lower Thursday after the company reported its sixth consecutive quarter of declining revenues, and its forward guidance fell short of market expectations.

Target’s Turnaround Has Liftoff

Target Corporation (ticker: TGT) provided U.S. retail investors with a rare bit of good news this earnings season when the company reported impressive earnings, topping Wall Street expectations for first-quarter earnings, revenue and same-store sales. Management also says it is committed to investing $7 billion in re-shaping the business over the next three years.