A Glimpse Into Facebook’s Future

Analysts at Baird recently summarized their outlook for Facebook Inc FB 0.13% following this week’s F8 developer conference. Among the topics that analysts discuss in the new report are the company’s decision to open its Messenger platform to third-party developers, Internet-of-Things support for Facebook’s Parse mobile development platform and video embedding.


Mark Cuban Fires Latest Shot In Tech Bubble Debate

Businessman, investor, TV personality and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has fired the latest shot in a debate between Cuban and Aswath Damodaran over Cuban’s recent assertion that there is a bubble forming in the private technology sector that could end up being far worse for investors than the dot-com bubble. Cuban recently tweeted that…

Is Richard Branson Taking On Elon Musk Yet Again?

Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is probably best known in the transportation space for his airlines, such as Virgin America Inc VA 1.75%. However, Branson’s Virgin brand has also dipped its toes into the businesses of trains, spacecraft and cruise ships. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Branson simply couldn’t resist hinting that Virgin could…