What Could Apple Buy With Its Cash?

When Apple Inc. AAPL 2.71% reported its latest quarterly earnings, the newest numbers revealed the world’s largest public company just keeps getting bigger. Among a long list of staggering Apple statistics is the $193.5 billion in cash siting on Apple’s balance sheet. It’s unclear what (if anything) Apple plans to do with this cash in…

11 Of Apple’s Worst Product Failures

Apple Inc. AAPL 2.71% has an unrivaled history of success. The company’s stock is up an astounding 2,470 percent in the past decade on the strength of revolutionary innovations such as the iPhone and iPad. The tech world is anxiously awaiting new data on Apple’s latest product rollout, the Apple Watch, which will come later…


New Bearish Technical Signal In Apple’s Chart

Apple Inc AAPL 0.28% shareholders were disappointed on Tuesday when Apple’s stock fell nearly 2 percent after the company released record earnings Monday afternoon. The market’s response to the earnings beat may simply have been a case of unreasonably high expectations for the world’s largest company. Whatever the reason for the decline, Apple shareholders now…


Technical Trading Software’s Surprising GoPro Projection

GoPro Inc GPRO 4.05% reported a big earnings beat on both the top and bottom lines on Tuesday, and shares of the stock surged in after-hours trading. But after Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) shareholders were cheering a similar earnings beat only to watch gains evaporate on Tuesday, what should GoPro shareholders expect from the stock in coming…


How Will Twitter Trade On The Day After Its Earnings Debacle?

One of the world’s premier social media companies, Twitter Inc TWTR 18.18%, had one of the oddest earnings days ever on Tuesday, as news of the company’s disappointing Q1 performance leaked early. For traders wondering how to trade the stock on the day after earnin gs, here’s a breakdown of how Twitter’s stock has reacted to…


Jefferies’ Top Drugstore Stock

In a new report, analysts at Jefferies took an in-depth look at food and drug stocks and updated their outlook for three stocks in the space. Overall, analysts see improving margins in the drugstore business in coming years.