Will Pricey Bitcoin Just Make The Rich Richer?

Bitcoin has been one of the hottest investments on the world in recent years, doubling in value once again in the month of May alone. However, despite its roots in technology and its focus on transparency, it seems bitcoin is demonstrating the same wealth-concentrating patterns that other global currencies experience.

Blue-Collar Workers Must Adapt To Survive

As more and more parts of the economy become automated and human jobs are replaced by technology, it’s understandable that some workers are worried machines will eventually take over the entire blue-collar job market. Technology is cheaper, faster and potentially better at performing many blue-collar jobs, so it’s a no-brainer for companies to choose technology…


The Top 10 Investment Portfolio for Millennials

Brand new data from TD Ameritrade has revealed the most popular stocks among the youngest generation of American retail investors. The firm sorted through the holdings of all of its millennial-aged clients born since 1981 to identify the companies that young investors see as the best long-term investments. Surprisingly, millennials’ taste in stocks hasn’t changed…