Decoding The Stock Market With Quantum Computers

Just when it seems like the world of finance could not get any more complicated, some industry insiders believe the era of the quantum computer is imminent.

In a recently published paper, Ovidiu Racorean, head of Advanced Mathematical Methods for a top British hedge fund, suggests that quantum-based technical stock market analysis (QTA) could be coming to Wall Street very soon.

Racorean takes advanced mathematical concepts that go into building and understanding quantum computers, such as braids, knots and knot invariants, and applies the principles to the stock market. In his paper, Racorean shows parallels between the motion of stocks and the motion of tiny particles called “non-abelian anyons.”

Racorean believes that the probability of a future market move could theoretically be determined by performing advanced quantum computations. QTA could also be a potential alternative to traditional technical analysis of stocks.

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