Common Sense Trade Alerts Feature Is Finally Here!

I’m pleased to announce that Trading Common Sense readers now have access to my Common Sense Trade Alerts via the Marketfy platform! Since I started running the Marketfy portfolio in July 2015, I’m pleased to say my stock picks have generated a 35% higher return than the stock market as a whole (the S&P 500).

However, those numbers change on a daily basis, so the only way to know how I’m doing these days is to get yourself a Marketfy account and visit my Common Sense Trade Alerts page! It is free, there is no credit card info required and it takes like 20 seconds to sign up. You can read everything you need to know about Common Sense Trade Alerts by clicking here or by clicking on the *Common Sense Trade Alerts* tab up at the top of this page.

Of course, the best place to start if you want to learn about my trading philosophy and what goes into my trading decisions is by reading my book, Beating Wall Street with Common Sense. I don’t have a degree in finance; I have a degree in neuroscience. You don’t have to predict what stocks will do if you can predict what traders will do and be one step ahead of them. I made a 400% return in the stock market over five years using only basic principles of psychology and common sense. Beating Wall Street with Common Sense is now available on Amazon, and is always available on your local internet!