7 Things Tesla Has Been Up To Since Its Last Earnings Report

This week, many Tesla Motors Inc TSLA 0.44% shareholders are hopeful that the company will deliver some big earnings numbers when it reports on Wednesday, February 11.

When it comes to Tesla, three months is an eternity. Here’s a list of seven things Tesla has been up to since the company’s last earnings report.

Battery Swap Stations

In December 2014, Tesla announced the launch of its first battery swap station in California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company is hoping that battery swap stations will eliminate some of the fears about driving long distances in Tesla vehicles, which typically take 20 to 60 minutes to charge at Supercharger stations.

Roadster 3.0

Also in December, Tesla unveiled the new Roadster 3.0. The newest model will get up to 400 miles on a single charge and features a new aerodynamic body and improved tires.

Falcon Wing Doors

Although deliveries won’t be happening until 2016, Tesla announced some cool new features of the Model X SUV in December, including “Falcon Wing” doors. According to Tesla, demand for the Model X is already extremely high.

Satellite Navigation In China

The Model S’s navigation system typically works with Google Inc’s GOOG 1.12% GOOGL 0.94% Maps, but Google Maps is banned by the government in China. In January 2015, Tesla announced an agreement with Chinese company NavInfo to bring satellite navigation to Chinese Tesla vehicles for the first time.

Expanded Swiss Supercharger Network

In December, Tesla announced that it will be expanding its Supercharger network in Switzerland by adding two new stations. These stations will allow travelers in Belgium and Germany to access popular vacation destinations in Switzerland.

Tesla Down Under

Tesla expanded its reach to Australia in January by opening the continent’s first Tesla showroom. Although the showroom and Tesla’s only two charging stations in Australia are currently in Sydney, Tesla is planning major expansion to Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane by the end of 2016.

Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

If a company is going to poach employees from another company, what better target that the most profitable American company, Apple Inc. AAPL 0.49%? According to a recent Bloomberg report, Tesla has lured nearly 150 employees away from Apple and convinced them to join the Tesla team.

Considering how well Apple employees are paid and treated, Tesla must be offering quite a deal.

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